2016 member spotlight: Where are they now?

This year, we profiled three Healthy Lifestyles members who started on the path to making healthy changes. As the year comes to a close, we checked in with them to see how they’re doing – and what’s next for 2017.


Lynn K.’s story:

After unsuccessful attempts with Lap-Band surgery, Lynn decided to take a different path and change her lifestyle with her husband, Mike. Their journey led them both to achieve incredible weight-loss goals – more than 215 pounds for Lynn and more than 160 for Mike. They made a point to set goals and focus on doing things they couldn’t do before, like this year’s goal: a trip to Six Flags.

Update: “We did make it to Six Flags,” says Lynn. “We ran around like teenagers. It was a phenomenal day.”

They began and ended the day by taking the Batman ride – the one they were too heavy to ride when they last visited the park 21 years ago. And because they’re both now within the weight limit to go horseback riding, they did that as well. (Check out Lynn’s tips below for enjoying the holidays without overdoing it!)


Sarah C.’s story:

Sarah underwent a kidney transplant in 2010. After the procedure, her doctor advised that her protein levels were too high, and that she needed to lose a few pounds gained from the medications she was taking. So she began to take matters into her own hands. Her biggest change involved improving her eating habits. This led to a weight loss of approximately 40 pounds and her doctor was thrilled with her progress.

Update: This year, Sarah has seen close friends and family dealing with serious illnesses and related setbacks. And their struggles have caused her to be even more grateful for her good health and how far she has come. She has kept up her healthy habits, her kidneys are functioning normally and her doctor is pleased.

“I’ve reached my goals and now I’m just trying to maintain them and be happy,” she says. “I smile more, and I eat right. And I feel blessed that I’m better than I was a few years ago.”


Robert B.’s story:

Robert was diagnosed with heart disease nearly three years ago and needed to have four stents implanted in his arteries. That’s when Robert decided to take charge of his health. He dropped 53 pounds and 5 inches around his waist, and he got his cholesterol in check.

Update: Robert continued to improve his health in 2016, tweaking here and there to find just the right balance with everything from his diet to his medications. He spent his summer exercising outdoors by taking long walks, and he is heading back to a new gym this winter along with his wife. She recently joined him on his journey to better health and has already lost 21 pounds. Robert is proud of his accomplishments – and rightfully so.

“I always look back and say, ‘I’m glad I made these changes’ – because we wouldn’t be talking today if I hadn’t,” he says.

What comes next? Robert has an even bigger goal ahead: He wants to live to be 100.



Lynn’s five healthy tips for surviving the holidays:
  1. Don’t starve before a party: To curb your hunger, eat a small meal before you go to a party.
  2. Get a taste. Instead of loading your plate, scoop a small spoonful of a few things you enjoy.
  3. Bring a healthy dish to your gatherings. That way, you know you’ll have something you won’t feel guilty about eating – and you may even inspire others with your tasty, healthy treats.
  4. Don’t buy candy and cookies and keep them in the house. When the party’s over, send them packing, too.
  5. Make each holiday one day instead of spending weeks celebrating, overeating and undoing all your hard work.


Got goals?

Set up a Healthy Lifestyles Well-Being Plan so that you can keep your goals top of mind all year long.