Easy and breezy

As we welcome the longer, sunnier days of summer, you may find yourself driving more. Whether you’re off to your next adventure or your next day of work, keep your ride easy and breezy with some tobacco-free ways to pass the time or relax:

  • Groove. Play your favorite music and sing along.
  • Eat. To keep your mouth busy, bring healthy snacks like sunflower seeds, almonds or dried fruit.
  • Fidget. If you’re a passenger, then keep your hands busy by flipping through a magazine, playing a game or doing something else.
  • Talk back. If you have a nicotine craving, tell yourself that it will pass in a few minutes and maybe roll down the window for some fresh air. If you have driving frustrations, remind yourself that they will pass too.


Spring clean your car.

If you’ve smoked in your vehicle in the past, then make sure it’s free of any tobacco products, lighters and ashtrays. Use deodorizers to refresh the smell. And ask passengers to not smoke.


See you on the road!

The Healthy Lifestyles Team