Editor’s letter: Eating for fuel versus fun

I have a confession to make: I was once a kids’ cereal junkie. The more sugar it had, the more I liked it. And I could eat an entire box in no time. But I gave it up a few years ago for one big reason: the way I felt after eating it. All it took was switching to more power-packed foods like steel-cut oats and egg-white omelets to realize that I wasn’t eating to fuel my body – I was eating just for the fun of it.

Once I made the change to a healthier breakfast, I had energy to last through a busy day. I didn’t feel like taking a mid-morning nap, and I wasn’t starving by 10 a.m. In fact, the less sugar I ate in the morning, the less I wanted it throughout the day. And while I still enjoy a sweet treat every now and then, the old cereals I used to eat now taste way too sweet.

Looking at food as fuel for your body may help you see unhealthy foods differently. If you want to be healthy and have energy to enjoy your life, then you must give your body the nutrition it needs. That doesn’t mean you can’t also enjoy food. It just means you need to find a balance.

This month’s edition is in honor of National Nutrition Month and finding that balance. You’ll learn about the Whole 30 eating plan and whether it’s a trend worth trying. And you can read about how a fellow Healthy Lifestyles member made small changes in her eating habits that have led to big results. You’ll also find a recipe for a veggie-packed slaw that’s the perfect St. Paddy’s Day side dish.

Bon appétit!