Editor’s letter: Healthy holidays

If you’ve been working hard to make healthy changes this year, then the holidays can be a true test of your willpower. This time of year seems to be filled with food and festivities – leaving less time for exercise. But you know what? That’s OK. Because the big message here is three simple words: Maintain, don’t gain.

Simply make an effort to be mindful and stick with your program as much as you can. Don’t aim to keep losing weight or reach a huge fitness goal during the holiday season. Just eat right most of the time, and enjoy a few of your favorite holiday treats. And find ways to move and be active every day, even if you don’t have time for your normal fitness routine.

November also marks American Diabetes Month, another great reason to keep up your healthy habits during the holidays. Why? Because exercise, healthy eating and maintaining or reaching a healthy weight can have a positive impact – including helping to reverse pre-diabetes and prevent or delay the onset of diabetes altogether.

In this issue, we’ve included tips and ideas to make it easier to keep your health front and center all season. Check out our healthy party tips, party snack recipes and a 10-minute workout that you can slide right into your busy schedule.

We hope you enjoy this issue, and we wish you and yours a happy and healthy holiday season!


In good health,
Healthy Lifestyles Editor