Everyone needs recess

Ask any group of kids what their favorite part of school is, and it’s guaranteed someone will say “recess!” Turns out these kids are onto something.

Besides helping kids get much-needed exercise, studies show that recess actually helps them learn and grow. Activity encourages their social, emotional and cognitive development. By giving their brains a break, they can more easily retain what they just learned. It also helps them be more creative, develop empathy and learn problem-solving skills.

Perhaps more surprising is the fact that adults still need recess, too. Mostly, it helps us maintain our social and physical well-being. Plus, regular exercise can lower stress and help you be more productive. So as your kids head back to school and recess, make sure you’re regularly taking some time out of your day for play, too.

Be sure to check out the rest of our back-to-school issue. We’ve got tips to help you fend off “health bullies” who can sabotage your healthy goals. And learn about a new trend that may be worth trying: competitive fitness classes. We’ll also help you detox your child’s lunchbox, and there’s a quick-and-easy school lunch recipe to try. So get ready to head back to class with a little extra knowledge in your back pocket!

Here’s to a healthy school year!

In good health,
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