Fall in love with fitness

When you enjoy your workout, it’s like being in love. You look forward to seeing it. You miss it when you’re away too long. You even wake up early just to spend time with your workout. That’s why it’s so important to find an activity that you truly look forward to. With your Healthy Lifestyles Prime fitness membership, you can find a gym and a workout that’s the perfect fit for you.*


Put your heart into it

In celebration of Valentine’s Day and National Heart Month, invite your favorite person to join you for your favorite workout. Nothing says “I love you” (or “I like you a lot”) more than sweat.


And with access to more than 10,000 fitness centers across the country – at no charge to you – you’ll never have to be too far from your next workout.*


Here’s to doing something good for your health (and your heart),

The Healthy Lifestyles Team


*This benefit is only available if your employer has opted for the Healthy Lifestyles Fitness program.