Feel good about raising your glass

Certain beverages have a way of making us feel happy. Maybe it’s morning coffee to get your day going or a cup of hot tea at night to help you wind down. If you’ve used tobacco while enjoying drinks in the past, then you could have nicotine cravings when drinking them once you’re tobacco-free. To avoid this, try these suggestions:

  • For the first few months after quitting tobacco, it may help to avoid drinks that you associate with smoking or smokeless tobacco.
  • Swap your drink with something else like water, with or without flavoring, or 100% fruit juice.
  • If your beverage of choice has a strong aroma, focus on it as you take it in with deep breaths.
  • If a craving creeps in, then finish your beverage quickly or set it aside and do something else, somewhere else if possible.



The Healthy Lifestyles Team