Get a taste of this

Isn’t it amazing how certain smells or tastes can bring back a memory – like a whiff of cologne reminding you of time spent with someone else who wore it? Likewise, when someone has used tobacco in the past around mealtime, a craving can hit when eating now. Creating some new mealtime habits can help:


  • Try eating four to six small meals during the day instead of three larger ones.
  • Avoid foods that you know make you crave nicotine, such as sweet or spicy foods.
  • Focus on the taste of other foods that don’t bring on cravings.
  • Use a toothpick, brush your teeth, wash the dishes and go for a walk right after you finish a meal.


Just like quitting, forming new habits can take time. Make a commitment each day and celebrate your victories.


Bon appétit!

The Healthy Lifestyles Team