Lean on me

When you have someone to share things with – the ups and the downs – life is better. The same goes for your journey to become and stay tobacco-free. Having people to support you – especially those who are tobacco-free – can help you through cravings, hold you accountable and help you celebrate milestones.


That’s why the Healthy Lifestyles Tobacco-Free program gives you access to quit buddies online and personal health coaching from expert phone counselors.* Reach out to them – in addition to your friends and family – to share where you are. You can:

  • Tell them about your goals and if you have been tobacco-free or have slipped.
  • Share what’s been on your mind, including thoughts about caving in to cravings.
  • Ask for advice and encouragement to get through specific struggles.
  • Share the good stuff, too, like barriers you’ve overcome.


If you are not a tobacco user, then offer to be there for someone who wants to be tobacco-free. Sometimes simply listening and being a distraction can make a big difference.


Here’s to having someone to lean on!

The Healthy Lifestyles Team



*This benefit is only available if your employer has opted for the Healthy Lifestyles Tobacco Free program.