Lunchtime workout

Finding the time to exercise before or after work isn’t always easy. That’s why sneaking in a midday workout could be an easier way to go, says Healthy Lifestyles coach Jessica Hunter.

“First, you don’t have to worry about getting up extra early,” Hunter says. “And at the end of your workday, you can just go home. Second, it’s a great way to break up the day and lower stress.”

Here’s a 10-minute lunchtime routine that gets your heart pumping, but it won’t make you so sweaty you’ll need a shower. Plus, you don’t need any special equipment or a lot of space – just find a grassy spot outside or make room in your cubicle (and why not invite your coworkers to join in?).

Note: Hunter recommends starting with a quick walk to warm up, then diving right into this circuit.


Five-minute circuit (complete twice or more if you have time):

15 jumping jacks

10 mountain climbers

10 forward lunges on each leg

10 side lunges on each leg

10 standing toe touches

Wall sit: 30 seconds

Plank: 30 seconds


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