Your perfect fitness getaway

Making plans for your next vacation? We’ve got the details on four awesome locations where you can have a blast and keep working toward your fitness goals.


1. Big Sky, Montana

While there are plenty of slower-paced activities like golf and horseback riding, more adventurous types can enjoy hiking, whitewater rafting and ziplining. And if you’re planning for a future winter getaway, it’s a great spot for cold-weather activities like skiing, snowshoeing and even a dog-sled adventure.


2. Nosara, Costa Rica

Surf’s up! If you’re an experienced surfer or a newbie wanting to learn the ropes, you’ll find no shortage of surf schools in this beautiful coastal city. National Geographic named it one of the 20 best surf cities in the world. There are also tons of other fitness activities to enjoy, including paddle boarding, snorkeling, bike tours and yoga on the beach.


3. Kenai, Alaska

For experienced fitness adventurers, a multisport tour on Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula could be just the ticket. During this rigorous six-day journey, you can hike through an ice field, bike and walk through the region’s rugged terrain, and kayak with glaciers and volcanoes as your backdrop. And if you’re not sure you’re up for that much action, Kenai offers plenty of active leisure options as well, including golfing, canoeing and fishing.


4. Wherever You’re Already Heading

The truth is, you can turn any getaway into a fitness vacation.

“Wherever you go, look for opportunities to be active,” says Healthy Lifestyles Coach Jessica Hunter. “Seek them out! This will allow you to enjoy your getaway without letting those vacation indulgences derail your fitness efforts.”

Rent bikes and explore your surroundings. Take a walk on the beach or around the lake. Enjoy a scenic hike or nature walk. Walk the airport terminals while you’re waiting to catch your next flight, and take stretch and walk breaks at rest areas when you’re on the road. Swim laps in your hotel pool.

“While vacationing, you may not have as much time to keep up with your regular workout routine,” says Hunter. “But remember that doing something is always better than doing nothing at all.”


It all adds up. So wherever you head this summer, be sure to find ways to keep moving as well as relax and unwind.


Make this your healthiest summer yet!

There’s still time to meet your summer fitness goals. Check out our Countdown to Summer Pinterest page for ideas to help you stay on track.