Perks of the “staycation”

When budgets are tight, vacation is usually not an option. That’s why many people have been choosing to stay close to home instead of traveling on expensive getaways. But it’s not just about the money. People have found that taking some downtime at home can have benefits far beyond saving money. And that makes taking a staycation a trend definitely worth trying. Here’s why:

  • More time. When you spend your vacation at (or close to) home, you get to enjoy more of your time off. That’s because it can start right now – not once you arrive at your destination.
  • Less stress. No crowded airports, cancelled flights or traffic jams. That means less planning, fewer hassles and more relaxation.
  • No schedules. When traveling, we often worry about seeing as much as possible and fitting it all in. But taking a staycation gets rid of that pressure. And if your plans happen to get “rained out” at home, it’s much easier to just do something different.

Just because you aren’t traveling to a new place doesn’t mean you don’t get to have fun. A staycation offers the chance to explore your hometown and surrounding areas. If you are able, spend a night or two in a local hotel. And if you want your staycation to feel more like a getaway, then try to see your community through a tourist’s eyes:

  • Check out your local park’s calendar for free concerts, fitness classes and more.
  • Find a new restaurant and order something adventurous.
  • Hit a matinee of that movie you and your family have wanted to see.
  • Visit a museum, zoo or other local attraction that you’ve been curious about.
  • Walk or bike through your neighborhood – you might be surprised by what you’ll find!
  • Treat yourself to a manicure or massage.

And remember to take some time for yourself. Finish that book on your nightstand, take a midday yoga class or even organize your closet (if that sort of thing relaxes you). Then take a nap!

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