Raising the barre

Barre workouts are gaining fans among dancers and the hopelessly clumsy alike. These routines combine ballet-inspired moves with yoga and Pilates for a full-body strength workout you’re sure to feel tomorrow. And while a lot of barre classes don’t emphasize cardio, there’s no reason you can’t customize your program to work up a sweat.


Want to improvise a barre workout at home? Grab a sturdy chair to serve as your barre – you can rest your hand on its back if you need to at any time. Then, give these a try. (You can do an online search to see the moves in action.)

  1. Warm up: Warm up your muscles with some alternating knee lifts and twists. Start slowly and build to a faster pace for two minutes.
  2. Rev it up: Do 20 burpees followed by 60 seconds of mountain climbers. Rest and repeat.
  3. More glute work: Start to bring your heart rate down as you incorporate strength exercises like kneeling side kicks and leg lifts.
  4. Focus on the abs: The finish line is in your sights. But before you cool down, give those core muscles a little love. Try a set of planks (30-second hold), V-ups (15) and Russian twists (10 on each side).
  5. Cool down and stretch: Before you hit the showers, be sure to stretch each muscle group. Quad stretches, toe touches to stretch the hamstrings, and hurdler stretches for the hips are a good place to start.


Want more? Follow along with this 10-minute barre workout that you can do at home.


See you at the barre,

The Healthy Lifestyles Team