See ya, summer

We get it: The leaves are turning. The air is cooler. The kids are back in school. And all your favorite TV shows are back from their summer hiatus. It’s easy to see why you might be tempted to cozy up on the couch with your remote. But really, you can watch those shows anytime. Right now, nature is helping to put on a once-a-year show that you don’t want to miss. It’s the perfect time to grab the family, get outside and enjoy a little fall magic. Here are a few of our favorite things about fall:

  1. Apple-picking. Sure, you can find plenty of great apple varieties at your local supermarket this time of year. But there’s something about picking your own that makes them taste even better. If apples don’t grow where you live, then hit up a pumpkin patch or other local farm that’s open to the public.
  2. Cool evenings. In the summer, it can sometimes be too warm and humid to enjoy being outside – even at night. But in the fall? It’s a different story. Go play a game outside or enjoy a crisp walk around your neighborhood. Or take the family for an early evening bike ride (but be sure to wear your reflective gear).
  3. Local football games. Games look great on your HD big screen. But guess where they look even better? In real life. And you don’t have to attend an NFL game to enjoy the action. Chances are, your local high school has its Friday night lights turned on, and they could use you in the cheering section.
  4. Festivals. From arts and crafts to concerts in the park, the magic of autumn can be perfectly captured by a good fall festival. But one caution: Try focusing on the sights and sounds, and go easy on the food and drinks. Or better yet, pack a blanket and picnic basket full of healthy options.
  5. Fall foliage. Leaves really are the star of the show each fall. And watching them turn is a great way to celebrate the season. Pack up some hot apple cider and take a day trip to go “leaf peeping.” Or head to the park and see how many different kinds you can collect.


Are you in? Try these or find your own favorite ways to stay active as those temps begin to drop.


Cheers to a fun, safe and healthy fall,

Your Healthy Lifestyles Coach