Stress a little less

We all get stressed – even those of us with jobs in the health and wellness field. Healthy Lifestyles coach Jessica Hunter shares her top three ways to tackle tension:


1. Stretch it away. Hunter enjoys yoga. But when she doesn’t have time to hit the yoga mat, she takes five to 10 minutes for gentle stretching. And you can do this anywhere – at home, beside your desk or even in the parking lot!


2. Take a breather. Hunter keeps calming essential oils at her desk (peppermint is her favorite). When things get hectic, she takes a few sniffs of her favorite scent for a quick pick-me-up.


3. Practice gratitude. When you’re really stressed out, it can be hard to think of anything positive. But Hunter says that these are the best times to remember the good things. Each day, write down something you’re thankful for – no matter how small – and put it in a gratitude jar. On days you really need a boost, you can reach into the jar and read a happy thought.


Find your Zen

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