Train like a surfer

Even if you’ve never touched a surfboard, the idea of surfing may be appealing. Just you and your board, conquering the ocean together. Plus, surfing is a great workout. But you don’t need to be a surfer, or even step foot in the water, to train like one. We’ll show you the benefits of a surfing-inspired workout – and how you can achieve them even if you’re landlocked.

Going through the motions

It turns out that the movements you go through to surf – from paddling out to catch a wave to popping up and balancing on your board – can provide a total-body workout, says Healthy Lifestyles Coach Jessica Hunter.

“You can improve your balance, strength and flexibility while getting your heart pumping, too,” says Hunter. “And you can get these same benefits from a surf-style workout.”

Surf school

You can enjoy a surf-inspired workout in a pool or on dry land, depending on your preference and what’s available in your area.

“Surf workout classes can be fun and challenging, and you definitely don’t have to be a surfer to enjoy them,” Hunter says. “But you will probably have a better time if you use your imagination and think of the moves as part of your surfing experience rather than exercise.”

No surf classes available in your area? There are videos to follow online, as well as surf-training apps. These resources can help you build your surfing expertise so that you’re ready to catch a real wave. Below are a few sample exercises Hunter recommends, which will give you a feel for what a surf workout might be like.

For a full-body workout, aim for two sets of 12 reps of the following moves:

·       Superman
·       Push-up planks
·       Burpees
·       Mountain climbers
·       Downward-facing dog pose

Even if your goal isn’t a beach body, these surf-inspired moves can help improve your fitness – without ever sticking a toe in the water.


Surf’s up

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