Try it: urban rebounding

Get your heart pounding with this fun trampoline trend.

Who didn’t love bouncing on a trampoline as a kid? Well, bouncing is back, thanks to the latest fitness trend called “urban rebounding.” You can find this hot trend at gyms and trampoline parks across the country. And if you don’t have a center nearby, you can get the same fitness benefits (and have lots of fun) using a small trampoline at home.

Why try it?

“It’s great for fitness newbies because it helps improve your coordination,” says Healthy Lifestyles coach Jessica Hunter. “And because you have to use your legs and engage your core to keep your balance, it’s a great workout for the whole body. It also provides cardiovascular benefits, which means it works your heart. Plus, the up-and-down motion can help flush toxins in your lymphatic system – this means it helps your body fight against disease and infection.”

Fun for the whole family

Rebounding can be a great way to be active with your kids, too. Trampoline parks often have basketball hoops, ball pits and other activities to keep kids of all ages entertained – and moving.

“Kids don’t think of it as exercise,” says Hunter. “It’s just fun!”

Be prepared

You’ll need to bring socks (shoes are usually not allowed on the trampoline), and some places require you buy their socks. You’ll also need to keep safety in mind. Exercising on a trampoline, even a small one, has its hazards. Hunter advises supervising children at all times. Anyone jumping should try to stay in the center of the trampoline, always bouncing at approximately the same height with each jump.

Search for trampoline parks or urban rebounding workouts in your area, and get ready to have some heart-pumping, bouncing fun!