Turn your family into weekend warriors

Fall is such a fun time of year. But it’s also often one of the busiest. Those lazy days of summer quickly get replaced by sports practice, dance classes and school projects. Work can also get extra hectic, as many companies ramp up productivity in the last quarter of the year.

With all of these priorities and more, who has time for fitness? You do! With help from Healthy Lifestyles Coach Jessica Hunter, we’ll show you how the whole family can become weekend warriors together. Here are some ideas for making time for fitness and having fun in the process:

  • Follow the leader. As the parent, you’re used to being in charge of most family activities. But why not take turns, and even let the kids decide what activity you’ll be taking on this weekend? It can be as elaborate as signing up for a family color run, or as simple as a game of Frisbee in the park.
  • Walk it off. Walking is truly one of the easiest (and cheapest and most convenient) ways to stay active. Unfortunately, just taking a weekend walk really doesn’t give off a “warrior vibe.” But with a few inexpensive pedometers (one for everyone), you can count steps and turn it into a family competition. Bonus benefit: Encourage the kids to complete chores while wearing their pedometer to up their step count – and help you tackle the housework.
  • Get creative. “If time and the weather permit, create an outdoor (or even indoor!) obstacle course,” Hunter says. You can include things like hula-hooping, jumping rope, throwing Frisbees into a box, running while balancing a small rock on your head, keeping balloons in the air or even popping them – the ideas are endless with a little imagination.
  • Join a fitness center. Some local fitness centers (like YMCAs) offer family memberships and have swimming pools, basketball courts and fitness classes. This can be especially handy if the weather isn’t cooperating for planned outdoor activities.
  • Or keep it simple. Once everyone puts down their devices and looks up from their screens, the fun can begin. And it doesn’t have to be a big production.

    “Activities as simple as kick ball and scavenger hunts are a great way to spend time together while staying active,” Hunter says.

    A quick search online will give you plenty of scavenger hunt ideas. Want to go old-school? Grab some sidewalk chalk and draw a four-square or get some bean bags and buckets and let the games begin!


Keep things moving along!

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